Medical Abortion Option

Abortion Pill (1-10 weeks)

The Medical Abortion Pill is also known by its prescription name, Mifeprex. This is prescribed as a non-surgical abortion method that is commonly used for pregnancies up to 10 weeks. You will be given two pills, one that our doctor will administer and the other, Mifepristone, to be taken at home 24 hours later. There is a 97 percent success rate when taken as directed by your physician.

Our physician will review your medical history, at that time an ultra-sound will confirm that you are early enough in your pregnancy to perform this procedure. Our physician will also inform you of any risks or benefits during your visit, and any questions you have will be addressed at this time.

What to Expect After Taking the Abortion Pill

After the abortion, patients often experience abdominal pain and cramping for one to two hours as well as vaginal bleeding or spotting for approximately 9 to 16 days. Other less common side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Abortion Options 

We understand that the decision to terminate a pregnancy is not an easy one and we strongly support your ability to decide what is best for you. You are the most important person involved in your health care. Your informed decision making regarding your care is important to us. It is our sincerest concern that your experience at one of our clinics is positive, and that you are taken care of in a pleasant, professional, caring manner.

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